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  • Gabo Beef Bully Stick
    Bully Sticks – These top quality Bully Sticks are odour free and steam cured, with no hormones, no antibiotics, no steroids and no preservatives. Our Bully Sticks are our most popular product and come in many sizes.
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    $3.99 CDN
  • Open Range Water Buffalo Horn- Small (Water Buffalo Small)
    Water Buffalo Horn – The Water Buffalo Horns are the keratin sheath that covers the bone component of the horn. Keratin is a tough protein that when chewed turns slightly gummy. These horns are a perfect treat that will make your pet happy and satisfied.
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    $9.99 CDN
  • Tartar Buster Bone

    This treat is designed to keep dogs’ teeth free of tartar or plaque buildup to ensure healthy gums and fresh breath. A best-selling treat, Tartar Busters are dry oven-roasted and packed with flavor. Beef Knee-caps /patella offer a good solid chew that helps keep teeth clean.  Naturally wood smoked, no liquid smoke added.

    This is a staff favorite for all ages and sizes of dogs.
    Knee cap tartar busters are not a weight bearing bone and therefore safer for dogs with fragile teeth.
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