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  • Fox 40 Whistle (F40)

    The Fox 40 Classic whistle was designed to be heard over any type of background noise, including high wind, which makes it perfect for hunting with pointing dogs in the upland field. Designed by an Olympic basketball referee to prevent missed calls due to whistle malfunction, typically caused by a stuck pea. The Fox 40 Classic’s pealess design never fails; it is so reliable that it is now the official whistle of Olympic sporting events, the NFL and the NBA.

    The unique air baffles create a high pitch that actually functions like a harmonically-tuned instrument, as it sounds 3 different frequencies in a piercing vibrato. The harder you blow, the louder it sounds up to 115 decibels. The whistle is constructed as a one-piece molded injection with no gluing involved for even greater durability. Available in orange or black.

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  • LCS Better Stake-Out (BSO)
    With a longer chain and stronger snaps than the rest, the LCS Better Stake Out is the best one dog stake-out on the market. Tested at field trials, hunt tests, hunting camps and back yards across the country to contain your dog safely in a specified location. This 30 inch long and 3/4 inch diameter cold rolled steel dog stake-out is made to hold, especially in loose and sandy soil even with strong dogs. The blaze orange powder coating is scratch resistant. Your dog will have plenty of room to move on the tangle-proof arm that rotates 360 degrees with 28 inches of heavy duty welded link chain. The Italian brass snaps can take years of tugging without fail. The loop on the rotating arm serves as a handle for easy removal from the ground when it is time to pack up.
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    $34.99 CDN
  • LCS Bird Dog Armor Vest

    The LCS Bird Dog Armor Vest is built to protect your dog from harsh brush in the upland field, while increasing his visibility for safety. It has blaze orange rip-stop nylon fabric from the dog’s shoulder to the loin with reflective strips. The nylon is constructed with elastic stretch gussets on both sides to allow freedom of movement while keeping a close fit. Nylon adjustable straps across the back create an easy-to-size vest and the quick-clips make putting it on or taking it off a snap. The black 600 denier Cordura nylon brush guard is made to stop difficult undergrowth and briars by covering the entire chest and brisket. One of the least expensive, yet toughest constructed upland dog vests on the market, backed by 30 years of LCS field testing.

    Available in sizes small, medium, and large.
    Small fits dogs 30-45 lbs.
    Medium fits dogs 45-65 lbs.
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    $34.99 CDN
  • LCS DayGlo Collars 1" D-ring

    LCS DayGlo Collars have become the workhorse collars for our customers. These sturdy collars are made out of a thin piece of nylon that is coated in a durable layer of polyurethane. They are held together with industrial rivets and long-lasting, nickel-plated hardware. The coating protects the collar from abrasions, damage from the elements and normal every day wear and tear. There is also UV protection in the coating which prevents the collars from fading in the sun. DayGlo collars are incredibly easy to clean- simply wipe down with a damp cloth. Due to the impenetrable coating, these collars are anti-microbial and resistant to mold, mildew and chemicals. Any germs or toxins can also be easily wiped off, keeping you and your pet healthy.

    You can cut these collars to shorten them or add extra holes without burning or melting like conventional nylon. The vibrant color selection makes this collar ideal for identifying various dogs. For further customization, add a personalized brass nameplate to your order.

    Available Colors: orange, lime, red, blue, yellow, white, silver, black or pink
    Width: 1”
    Lengths: 19", 21
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  • LCS Game Bird Bag

    A must have for training bird dogs with live birds, the LCS Game Bird Bag is the largest on the market at the lowest price! Great for game stewards on hunting preserves, dog trainers, and dog clubs planting birds for hunt tests and field trials. It also makes a great bumper bag for retriever training.

    The spring-loaded steel top allows you to slip your hand in and out of the bag without birds escaping and keeps the birds secure when the bag is tucked away. The adjustable strap can either fit around your waist or over your shoulder and a brass name plate can be added upon request. Made of very durable nylon with black mesh side panels for ventilation, the Better Game Bird Bag also has a roomy side pocket perfect for gloves, hobbles or tethers. This bag has enough capacity for 14 quail, 8 pigeons, 4 chukar, or 2 pheasants and ducks. It is very easy to clean, by simply removing any leftover feathers, spraying down with the hose and hanging to dry in the sun.Overall dimensions:
    12” tall x 16” long x 6” wide

    How many birds will it hold?
    This bag has enough capacity for either 14 quail, 8 pigeons, 4 chukar, or 2 pheasants and ducks.

    Can I carry bumpers in the game bird bag?
    Yes, this bag is also excellent for carrying bumpers for retriever training.
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    $34.99 CDN
  • LCS Pigeon Hobbles
    With our Better LCS Bird Hobble, you can use the same pigeon over and over without a releaser. Attach the hobble to the pigeon's foot with our quick-lock loop. Hide him and ring the dog and establish a point. Have a helper toss the bird . He'll fly great but will soon flutter down from the hobble's weight.
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  • Storm Whistle (SW)
    Twice as loud as any other mouth-blown whistle in the world. Specify Orange or Black.
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