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  • EMT Spray (EMTSpray)

    EMT® Spray, the newest addition to the EMT® Gel line of products is an easily applied, non-stinging spray with Bitrex, an extremely bitter substance, that produces rapid healing while discouraging biting and licking of wounds.

    EMT® Spray contains the same collagen as EMT® Gel and is effective for many types of wounds and skin problems including: hot spots, first and second degree burns, foot pad injuries, cuts, abrasions and flesh tears.

    EMT Spray® can be used on any animal and the collagen is natural to the body.

    Patented hydrolysate of collagen provides fast healing of all types of wounds.

    Pump sprayer allows for clean and convenient application.

    Contains Bitrex, an extremely bitter substance, to deter licking and biting of wound.

    Great for "hot spots", scrapes, burns and large wound areas delicate to the touch.

    Does not sting or burn.

    Helps reduce bleeding, pain and itching - protects wound.

    Collagen formula provides the scaffolding for new cell growth and helps prevent scarring.

    A must for the home and field first aid kit.

    Safe for all animals.

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    $19.99 CDN
  • Tropiclean Fresh Breeze Spray

    Exclusive HabitBreaker™ technology is a Dual Phase bio-enzymatic process that will remove organic stains (feces, vomit and urine). Completely eliminates the odor at the source which discourages repeat marking. Stop the habit, naturally!

    • Carpet
    • Upholstery
    • Vinyl
    • Laminate
    • Concrete
    • Hard Wood
    • Ceramic Tile

    Available Sizes

    32oz Spray

    Before use, remove excess solid or liquid waste. Test on a hidden area for color fastness. Do not use on leather or wool.

    1) Saturate the soiled area, making sure the product penetrates all layers of the carpet and padding. For best results, saturate an area 50% larger than the stain. 2) Allow to soak for 10 minutes. Using a clean cloth, gently blot or rub the treated area to remove excess moisture. Rinse cloth and repeat as necessary. 3) Allow Fresh Breeze to air dry.

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    $17.99 CDN
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